Alternative to Existing File Transfer Solutions

Secure, Flexible Solutions and Helpful Implementation Services

Your annual maintenance and support costs keep rising – sometimes drastically. At the same time, you receive technical support that’s less responsive, and product development that isn’t keeping pace with your needs.

Solutions aren’t just about the technology. At SRT, we work to control your initial and ongoing costs, while supporting the latest approved security standards and offering additional capabilities to help your business to be more productive. And we give you the best technical support in the industry, helping you to get the most from your investment in a Managed File Transfer Solution.

Why Replace FTP?

Managed File Transfer solutions solve the many problems associated with FTP. MFT is easier to manage and more secure.

  • Vastly improved security of file transfers and stored files
  • Advanced reporting gives you useful information on data flows and user activities
  • Easy file sharing within your organization and with external partners
  • High Availability for uninterrupted operations
  • Automation capabilities to replace unwieldy scripts

Why Choose SRT?

South River Technologies provides exceptional customer support and well-thought-out product development — as evidenced by our current customers.

  • 100% renewal rate for managed file transfer services and support in 2017
  • 97% customer retention rate over the last three years
  • 35% of customers expand their initial implementations to other departments and business units
  • Consistent 5-star ratings for technical support

How Do I Control Costs?

Flexible implementation options make it easy to assign cost to either capital or operating budgets. SRT offers choices that ensure you pay for exactly what you need. Nothing more.

  • We offer cloud solutions to reduce upfront costs, and on-site solutions to make use of available capital budgets while reducing ongoing costs.
  • Module structure lets you purchase just what you need with the option of adding capabilities as your business needs grow.
  • We carefully manage your ongoing support and maintenance costs. We’ve had no price increases for Cornerstone support and maintenance over the past 5 years.
  • We will never raise standard maintenance and support pricing by more than 8% to keep your solution cost-effective now and in the future.
Workers discussing security and compliance in front of computers

How Can SRT Meet My Future Business Needs?

Solutions that work for you today may not meet your needs tomorrow. SRT is committed to adopting the latest security standards as they become available. And we build our product roadmap primarily from customer input.

  • Major product updates annually to add new capabilities, continually enhance performance and stay current with security standards
  • Additional servers and new modules are easily added to your existing implementation
  • Professional Services available to perform upgrades and assist your team with optimal configuration
  • We actively seek your input. Annual customer surveys help us to understand what is most important to you. Your account manager is always available and interested in your feedback.


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