Security and Compliance

Keep Your Data Safe and Your Business Compliant

Security is a top priority for businesses in almost every industry, especially as more personal data is transferred and stored electronically. Many industries are required to comply with strict regulations that mandate the protection of that data. How can you ensure your data is secure and meets those compliance standards?

South River Technologies provides managed file transfer solutions that are built on a commitment to the highest security standards, strict compliance, and proactive data protection. Multi-layer security features keep your data safe at every point in your workflows and compliant with strict regulatory measures for nearly any industry.

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Advanced Security Features

  • Perimeter security through the DMZedge reverse proxy
  • Endpoint protection that reduces the risk of malware insertions from infected end users
  • Intelligent passwords and two-factor authentication that prevent unauthorized access from compromised passwords
  • Secure protocols that protect data in transit with the highest available encryption levels
  • Streaming encryption that assures data is never exposed


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Regulatory Compliance

South River Technologies solutions support organizations that are strictly regulated. Cornerstone MFT Server complies with:

  • PCI
  • FIPS 140-2
  • GDPR
  • ITAR


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