Yearly Archives: 2013

Target: A Massive Data Breach Just in Time for the Holidays

Another story sweeps through the news about a data breach of credit card information, as retailer Target reports that 40 million credit card accounts have been affected. The company will say little about how the breach happened. For now, they say only that the “data on the magnetic strip” of the credit card was compromised. … Read More

Server Upgrade Best Practices

Like oil changes and tune-ups for your vehicle, software updates and other routine computer maintenance may seem mundane, but remembering to do little things like upgrading server software from time to time can make life simpler and prevent future hassles. A simple upgrade can help ensure you receive all the most recent maintenance updates, patches, … Read More

CUCM Backup: How to Backup Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Cisco Unified Communications Manager is a software-based call-processing system developed by Cisco Systems. The software tracks all active VoIP network components including phones, gateways, conference bridges, voicemail boxes and more. Due to the business-critical nature of the system, automated, secure backup is a requirement. Cisco Systems, Inc. has recommended Titan FTP Server Enterprise Edition as an approved backup server for … Read More