Cybersecurity Expertise and Secure File Transfer Best Practices

Cyberattacks are on the Rise–Are You Sure Your Confidential Data is Secure?

If you are looking for a Managed File Transfer solution, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is likely a requirement on your security features checklist. PGP is a method of securing digital information originally developed to provide email privacy and authentication. Standard PGP is usually used to encrypt data “at rest.”

But is Standard PGP enough? What about your recently deleted data, or data in transit?

Not all PGP implementations are created equal. With cyberattacks always on the rise, you need a security method that never leaves your files unencrypted and exposed. Streaming PGP creates a zero point of exposure to eliminate concerns over unencrypted data.

For more information on Streaming PGP and why it is important, watch the helpful video below.