Checking for Updates

In today’s technological environment, applications need to adapt to continually enhance security and performance in order to stay viable. South River Technologies keeps pace with the market by adding features (such as support for numerous cloud services) to its products, and the product roadmap promises even more of the same. SRT also makes bug fixes a high priority by addressing, testing, and releasing new product builds within a very short timeframe. The time from initial issue discovery to final build release is often as short as one day.

That being said, SRT products all have a “Check for Updates” feature built into the application.  This function determines if you are running the most current release of the software. In WebDrive, you will find it under HELP, License, Check for Program Updates. In Titan FTP Server and Cornerstone MFT, it is under Online, Check for Program Updates.  The process will tell you what version you are currently running and if a new release is available.

What does this mean to you?  In a nutshell, the Check for Updates feature is a fast, effective way to leverage not only SRT’s technical knowledge, but the experiences of our entire user base. Put simply, it is possible that if you have a specific issue or require certain functionality, it has already been identified or addressed via an update or fix.  This can save precious researching and troubleshooting time. If you require technical support, our staff can very easily identify issues through log files and/or streaming support sessions at no cost, which is another benefit of keeping current.

So take a moment to check for updates. It is the first step in the troubleshooting process and the benefit dramatically outweighs the effort.

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  1. Chris Kent

    I am a registered user of Webdrive 10 on 2 PCs and have tried to upgrade to 11 but get redirected to a 404 page with no upgrade information.

    Can you please confirm how i can upgrade.



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