Financial Services

PCI-Compliant File Transfer and Storage for Financial Data

Protecting customers’ most personal financial data is a daunting challenge. Cornerstone MFT’s detailed PCI Compliance report gives you the confidence that you are always in compliance, and pinpoints issues so that they can quickly and easily be resolved. Financial services providers can make business processes even more efficient, without sacrificing data security.

PCI Compliance

Cornerstone makes it easy to comply with PCI standards. Users can run a PCI compliance report that checks all components and configurations throughout your financial services operation. The user-friendly report reveals areas of potential concern and includes steps organizations can take to ensure compliance.

Cornerstone MFT provides robust fail-over capability to assure 24/7 access to your data — even if servers are taken offline for maintenance.

High Availability

Run 24X7 operations without downtime, even when you have to install hardware and software updates, with Cornerstone’s high availability feature. You and your customers will never experience delays, even during the busiest peak processing times.

Financial services organizations transfer and store high-value information, making them a target for both external and internal threats.


Financial services organizations transfer and store high-value information, making them a target for both external and internal threats. A multi-layered approach to security thwarts external breaches, while also accounting for internal users.

The perimeter security layer is provided by the DMZedge reverse proxy. Enabling you to close inbound ports in your firewall, the risks of malware insertion or data breach from external sources is greatly reduced. Access controls include two-factor authentication and complex password policies. Data in transit is secured with the latest NSA-approved hashing cyphers, and data at rest is encrypted with a unique streaming process that ensures data is never exposed — even for a millisecond.


Outdated batch files or complicated custom programs can be nearly impossible to manage, and oftentimes, one person is responsible for all of these processes. Other factors such as the original program developer leaving the company without passing down integral knowledge, or a lack of automatic reporting when something goes wrong, can create total chaos.

A lack of reporting when issues arise makes things even more hectic and challenging–and sometimes, it may be too late to correct the problem when it is finally discovered. Eliminate the chaos and resource drain of maintaining dozens of scripts, batch files, and legacy applications by employing Cornerstone’s Automation feature.

Ensure Your PCI Compliance

Cornerstone helps your company meet PCI standards by providing data security at every stage of information storage and transfer. Learn more by downloading the eBook, “PCI Compliance With Cornerstone MFT Server.”

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