Cornerstone’s automation capabilities provide workflows based on scheduled or triggered events and custom automation rules. Security is enhanced with Cornerstone’s automation capabilities. For example, DoS attacks can be detected and shut down, with notifications sent to administrators. Password guessing can also be stopped automatically. In addition, any received file can be scanned for malware in a quarantine area before being moved to the destination folder or process.

Custom scripting and execution of applications can also be part of Cornerstone’s workflows. In any step in the process, appropriate personnel can be notified of results or have items flagged for review.

Administrators gain significant benefit from the events processing in Cornerstone. Reports and compliance scans can be scheduled and server configurations can be backed up regularly. The health of the server environment can be automatically monitored and thresholds can be set for administrator review.

workflow automation

Workflow Automation

  • Flag files or folders for admin review
  • Run files/scripts
  • Backup server configuration
  • Run PCI-DSS v3.1 compliance scans
  • Generate reports
  • Zip and unzip attachments
  • Run AV scans
  • Compute disk usage statistics
  • Automatically ban IP addresses if DoS attacks are detected
  • Push or pull data

Gain Efficiencies Through Automation

See how Datalogix used South River Technologies’ automation capabilities to run antivirus scans, cleanse data, and automate file transfers.

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