High Availability

Cornerstone provides high availability in a single location or across different geographic locations. This architecture provides robust fail-over capability, load-balancing for peak processing times, and fast disaster recovery capability.

International banks and financial institutions rely on Cornerstone for 24/7 operations. Our professional services team is experienced in assisting in high availability implementations and can help you with best practices for security and traffic volume.

High availability

Architecture Built for Protection

  • Fail-over capabilities so data is always available, even in the event of a hardware failure
  • Disaster recovery to ensure minimal to no interruption to your business operations


Load balancing servers

Architecture Built for Performance

  • Clustered servers so a server can be taken offline without impacting performance
  • Load balancing to evenly distribute workload between servers and to accommodate high throughput


Databases, file storage, and authentication platforms such as LDAP and Active Directory can be located on your network, so multiple Cornerstone servers have access without the vast overhead of data replication. A single instance of the file supports efficient networking and the greatest flexibility for implementation.

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