High Availability

Load balancing and failover with strong security. Solutions starting at under $15K.

Cornerstone MFT offers clustering so data is always available.

Architecture Built for Protection

  • Fail-over capabilities so data is always available, even in the event of a hardware failure
  • Disaster recovery to ensure minimal to no interruption to your business operations
  • Active/Active or Active/Passive configurations
  • High Availability across different geographic locations
  • Clustered SFTP and SSL for secure file exchange


Load balancing servers

Architecture Built for Performance

  • Clustered servers so a server can be taken offline without impacting performance
  • Load balancing to evenly distribute workload between servers and to accommodate high throughput
  • Databases, file storage, and authentication platforms can be located anywhere on your network
  • Cornerstone accesses resources directly, without the vast overhead of data replication


Skillful Professional Services

Skillful Professional Services

  • Experienced professional services available to assist in your high availability implementation
  • Significantly reduce implementation time
  • Best practices advice from professional services engineers with an average of 18.5 years of IT experience
Cornerstone MFT offers HA solutions for under 10K.

Most Cost-Effective HA Solution

  • Start with an HA solution for under $15K
  • Add low-cost modules as your needs grow
  • On-site or Cloud/On-site hybrid

International banks, hospitals, and financial institutions rely on Cornerstone for 24/7 operations. Cornerstone’s architecture provides robust fail-over capability, load-balancing for peak processing times, and fast disaster recovery capability.

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