Secure Collaboration

Collaborate with customers, partners, and colleagues – without creating security risks

The pace of business requires employees to constantly interact and exchange information with other employees and with external partners. While this is necessary for productivity, it can also come at the expense of security. As users around the country or the world interact with your data, there can be numerous security risks. Cornerstone lets you collaborate easily and securely, whether you are working from home, working with partners, or working on the go.

Effortless File Sharing 

Cornerstone makes it simple to share files. Server files can be sent to contacts in seconds as a secured link to the file rather than an attachment. This keeps your original version intact. You can set granular permissions, such as a link expiration so that access to the file can be time limited. You can also choose the level of access for your recipient, such as “view only” or “view and download.”


Share Files from Your Local Computer with Ease

Quickly “drag and drop” to securely share local desktop files and documents with colleagues or partners outside of your organization. Cornerstone’s QuickSend feature helps avoid the security and performance issues associated with emailing attachments while enabling users to send files effortlessly, regardless of size. Email isn’t secure or encrypted, creating the opportunity for the data in an attachment to be intercepted. File size limits can make it impossible to send larger attachments. QuickSend eliminates both of these issues.

QuickSend allows you to share files instantly while maintaining complete control of your data.

Securely Receive Files from External Users 

Cornerstone allows you to securely receive files from 3rd parties outside of your organization without the administrative overhead of generating new user accounts. Why waste time and resources creating user accounts for one-off vendors or partners or for those who you rarely contact?

Simply use DropZone to create a destination folder for receiving external files. You can then send the recipient a TLS-secured link where they can simply “drop” the file. Additional information can be collected in a customizable form which is sent with the link. Files that are too large to be sent via email can easily be shared with DropZone. The risk of email vulnerability is also eliminated since you access all files through a secure link.

Cornerstone’s strong security doesn’t inhibit your users’ ability to be productive. Cumbersome additional steps can drive users to work around security measures by using commercial services for file sharing. Enabling users to work efficiently and in a familiar environment keeps processes consistent with your security practices.

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