Secure Collaboration

Collaborate with customers, partners, and colleagues – without creating security risks

The pace of business requires employees to constantly interact and exchange information. While this fosters unprecedented productivity, it can also come at the expense of security. As users around the country or world interface with your data, there are more opportunities for security risks.

Consumer-focused collaboration services often require syncing data to the local machine. This presents a security risk and wastes local disk resources. Security issues are further complicated by weak access controls and holes in encryption processes. Cornerstone enables sharing and collaboration without locally syncing files. Secure protocols protect transmission of shared files, and controls assure that unauthorized users are never able to gain access to files. Streaming encryption protects data at rest without leaving gaps in security.

Cornerstone’s strong security doesn’t inhibit your users’ ability to be productive. Cumbersome additional steps can drive users to work around security measures by using commercial services for file sharing. Enabling users to work efficiently and in a familiar environment keeps processes under the control and management of your collaboration solution.

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