Cornerstone offers the most complete security and data protection of any managed file transfer solution. South River Technologies supports the latest NSA-approved security standards, so you never have to wait for your MFT vendor to catch up to the latest  standards. Other MFT solutions allow data to be exposed for thousands of processor cycles before it’s encrypted. Cornerstone’s streaming PGP encryption assures that unencrypted versions of your files are never written to disk.

Streaming PGP encrypts and writes files as one action.

Streaming PGP

Streaming PGP encrypts and writes files as one action. Unencrypted copies are never written to the server, so your data is never exposed — even for a microsecond. When files are requested by users or sent through automated transfers, the decryption process also happens automatically. Users don’t go through the cumbersome process of managing encryption keys, and processes don’t have to account for a decryption step. The real-time processing makes securing data at rest secure and effortless for your end users.

Additional Security Features

  • Perimeter security through DMZedge, which enables you to close inbound ports in your firewall
  • Two-factor authentication using SafeNet keys through the WebDrive interface

Protect Patient Information from Cyber Risks

See how Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC, implemented Cornerstone and DMZedge to reduce the risk of a network breach and protect sensitive patient information.

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