Improve Organizational Efficiency With Automated Workflows

Outdated workflows based on home-grown transfer applications, custom scripts and applications from different vendors can require a significant time commitment from your IT staff to keep things running. Security risks may be inherent in these processes. Reporting may be inadequate or non-existent. And manual processes may be required to fix problems in the process.

South River Technologies’ managed file transfer (MFT) solution provides an extensive library of events and conditions to simplify your processes. With notifications and reporting, you can be confident that workflows complete successfully. And advanced security features ensure that regulatory compliance is met and security standards are achieved.

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Mitigate Security Risks

Automation can help reduce the risk of cyber threats. South River Technologies’ solutions provide automation to detect risks such as:

  • DoS attacks: Automated processes can detect these attacks and ban the IP address where the attack originated.
  • Multiple password attempts: An automation module can detect multiple password attempts and automatically lock out the user or application attempting to crack passwords.
  • Malware: Automated malware scans can detect possible risks well before they could be identified by your IT staff.
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Automate Common Workflows

Through South River Technologies’ solutions, you can customize conditions and actions to automate common workflows, such as:

  • Sending emails and attachments
  • Flagging files or folders for admin reviews
  • Backing up a server configuration
  • Generating reports
  • Running AV scans
  • Batch transfers to and from remote data sources


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