On-Site Collaboration

Collaborate with internal and external users without risking your data or violating compliance regulations. Files are stored in your location and kept under your control.


Easy File Sharing

Easily receive files from your partners, vendors, and customers — without requiring customers to install software or have logins to your server. External users can simply drop files and folders into a browser interface.

Sharing files outside your organization is also an effortless process. Create a secure link to send to any external user. The user can click on the link to view or download, and access rights are easily set when files are shared.

On-Site Storage

On-site storage solutions are reliable, and allow enterprises to keep total control over data access and security. Cornerstone MFT allows you to easily share files within and outside of your organization, while avoiding monthly storage and transfer expenses.

If you eventually decide that you are ready to move storage to the cloud, Cornerstone makes the transition seamless-without disruption to your workflows.

Collaborate Effortlessly

For many file transfer solutions, installation and training cost you valuable time. South River Technologies’ solutions simplify the process by allowing your users to work as if they were directly connected to your corporate network. With client setup in less than three minutes, users can begin to access files directly from the desktop applications they already use.


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