Alternative to SharePoint

Reduce Implementation Time and Improve the User Experience

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool that helps companies collaborate and manage content. However, the high level of expertise required to configure SharePoint properly and long implementation time can be a drawback for many businesses.

Training is typically required for end-users, adding to your cost. With fully trained end-users, SharePoint can still be unwieldy. The challenges of collaborating with users outside of your organization can further limit productivity.

Cornerstone MFT is a cost-effective alternative to SharePoint that’s easy to implement. Our experienced professional services team can assure fast implementation that’s optimally configured for your requirements.

What are Your SharePoint Challenges?

  • Resources for implementation and configuration are limited. It just takes too long to get to something you can use.
  • Security is tough to manage. You are researching 3rd-party tools and looking at consulting services to assure proper security.
  • You are continually investing in user training, but your users still have difficulty navigating the content and collaborating with other users.
  • Collaborating with external partners, customers, and vendors is difficult, limiting Sharepoint’s effectiveness for your collaborative processes.

How Can Cornerstone MFT Help?

Cornerstone MFT Server is an effective SharePoint alternative that can be implemented in hours rather than weeks.

  • Minimal end user training is necessary. Cornerstone offers an intuitive web interface and a client application that integrates SharePoint into your Windows Desktop.
  • Cornerstone MFT offers security that exceeds industry standards, so no third-party security tools are needed.
  • Cornerstone can be deployed quickly and easily, and SRT offers professional services or 5-star rated technical support to assist you.
  • It is easy to collaborate with all of your vendors, partners or customers at no additional cost.


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