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The PASV command requests the server to listen passively on a data port (not the default data port). The server will wait for a connection rather than initiating one upon receipt of a transfer command. The response to this command (if positive) will include the host and port address the server is listening on and will accept data from.

Note: Some SMC routers intercept PASV commands sent over from the client and will re-map those commands as P@SW in an attempt to prevent the back-end server from going in to passive mode. Titan FTP Server will process P@SW commands as if it were a PASV command to overcome this SMC Barricade bug.




227 - Entering Passive Mode (x,x,x,x,x,x).

421 - The server is offline or is going offline.

502 - Command not implemented. This response will be sent if the server is configured with PASV mode disabled, or if SSL/TLS not enabled on this server.

530 - Access denied. This can happen as a result of many things: the username or password was invalid, the user account is disabled, or the user is being denied access for another reason, which could include IP address restrictions at the server level, user account expiration, or too many concurrent logons. Alternatively, this could indicate no user is currently authenticated on the command channel. A client must be authenticated prior to executing this command.