WebDrive vs ExpanDrive

In 8 different performance tests, WebDrive outperformed ExpanDrive, making WebDrive the faster ExpanDrive alternative, but additionally making WebDrive the most cost-effective Expandrive alternative. This post is a derivative of an article published by ITler.net.

Upload / Download Test

Test scenario small files Upload: 300 MB photos

Speed: approx. 3:20 minutes
Maximum upload: 20
Minimum upload: 10

Speed: approx. 5:30 minutes
Maximum upload: 12
Minimum upload: 5

Test scenario large file Upload: 600 MB video

Speed: approx. 6:40 minutes
Maximum upload: 32
Minimum upload: 14

Speed: approx. 7:40 minutes
Maximum upload: 30
Minimum upload: 13

Test scenario large file Download: 1.2 GB IMG file

Speed: approx. 3:20 minutes
Maximum upload: 136
Minimum upload: 62

Speed: approx. 4:30 minutes
Maximum upload: 56
Minimum upload: 44

Test Scenario small single files Download: 1 GB of photos

Speed: approx. 4:00 minutes
Maximum upload: 71
Minimum upload: 51

Speed: approx. 4:40 minutes
Maximum upload: 88
Minimum upload: 45

WebDrive is the clear frontrunner for upload and download performance and speed.

To read the full review (in German), click here.

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