White Papers

Email and consumer file services are quick and easy ways to share files, but using them can be risky, as most don’t meet the requirements of governance, security and reporting. This white paper will help you to better understand these risks.

Using consumer-oriented file sharing services in business settings can be dangerous. This white paper explains why and suggests some safe alternatives.

Cornerstone MFT Server helps your company meet PCI standards by providing security of data at rest and in transit, as well as enabling you to restrict access to that data with permissions settings and events management.

WebDrive is the only file transfer client specifically designed for easy mass-deployment for enterprises. This guide will take you through the steps you can use to prepare the configuration of WebDrive you need for your users.

Cornerstone is the highly scalable MFT solution that can offer virtually unlimited storage by leveraging UNC paths. This whitepaper illustrates how to accomplish this.

The Internet is composed of file transfers.The most common method for transferring files is the File Transfer Protocol, or FTP. This white paper covers the basics of the FTP protocol, including client-server interactions and firewall protection.