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South River Technologies is known for a deep expertise in security paired with an innovative approach to increase productivity. SRT develops software for secure managed file transfer. Founded in 2001, SRT pioneered a unique client technology, WebDrive, that integrates into the Windows and Mac environments, creating an instantly familiar interface for users to access files on the Cornerstone MFT server. This innovative approach ultimately reduces training and support costs, while making file access and collaboration a simple, efficient process.

Continuing the trend of leading by innovation, SRT’s Cornerstone Managed File Transfer solution is the first commercial product to offer both a secure MFT solution and an enterprise collaboration capability. Cornerstone uses security standards that exceed the requirements for PCI and HIPAA- adopting security levels currently required for internal use at NSA.

These strong security features are balanced by ease of implementation. Additionally, Cornerstone has been named:

  • Product of the Week by Network World in 2015
  • Best Secure File Transfer by ITT Systems in 2016
  • Cybersecurity Excellence Award winner for secure file transfer solution in 2018
  • Top Managed File Transfer pick for 2018 by PcMag

South River Technologies is a Maryland-based, privately held company. Our headquarters is conveniently located just 2,341 miles from the heart of Silicon Valley. SRT has customers in over 140 countries and in healthcare, financial services, government, education, retail and manufacturing industries.

Cornerstone MFT Server 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Award Winner


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