About South River Technologies

At South River Technologies (SRT), our reputation as an industry leader is built upon a foundation of unparalleled security expertise and a pioneering approach to file access, sharing, and transfer. With a history of excellence, we have consistently delivered solutions that define the way organizations manage their digital assets and collaborate across boundaries.

  • Our Expertise

Security is at the core of what we do. We understand that secure file transfer servers are the lifeblood of automated and user-initiated file exchanges among businesses and their partners, vendors, and customers. Our Titan portfolio of products has gained industry-wide recognition as a secure file transfer workhorse, trusted by over 30,000 companies worldwide. Cisco has recommended Titan as a Preferred Backup Solution, and Azure Marketplace recognizes it as a Preferred Solution. The MFT edition has won 3 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.
  • Elevating Security and Productivity

Security is built into every aspect of our solutions – not added as an afterthought just to tick a box. The most advanced NSA-standards are used for our secure transfer protocols. Access controls are granular, giving administrators the ability to easily control access and to automatically shut down connections with suspicious activity. Standards-based multi-factor authentication further ensures only authorized users can initiate access, transfer or automation activities. Perimeter security, alerts and automated malware detection enable further server hardening. All of these capabilities can be done without impact to end-user processes to ensure that security doesn’t limit productivity.
  • Professional Services for Seamless Implementation

In addition to our workforce-tested solutions, SRT offers professional services to facilitate best practice implementations. Whether you’re transitioning from on-premises solutions to the cloud or need server hardening and automation of existing scripts and batch files, our professional services team has completed hundreds of successful production implementations. For our MSP and VAR Partners, we offer advanced training so that you can provide professional services directly to your clients.
  • Partnering for Success

We understand that the value of a solution extends far beyond technology. SRT brings deep technical expertise, business acumen and a genuine commitment to helping our partners and customers succeed. For our MSP partners we offer flexible licensing and payment options, or custom bundling of products, support and services. We work hard to understand and accommodate your requirements.
  • Our Global Presence

Founded in 2001, SRT is a US-based company with a global reach. Our customers span more than 150 countries, representing diverse industries such as healthcare, financial services, government, education, retail, transportation, utilities, and manufacturing.


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