Titan SFTP Server – CUCM Backup

Cisco Certified SFTP Server

The most reliable CUCM backup

Are you tired of the complexities and uncertainties surrounding Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) backups? Titan SFTP Server – CUCM will redefine how you backup your critical data. Say goodbye to complex processes, concerns of data loss, and operational inefficiencies. Say hello to a simplified, secure, and dependable backup management experience.

Your complete CUCM backup solution

Titan SFTP Server – CUCM Backup is a fully configured, secure, SSH/SFTP server running on a dedicated cloud virtual machine. Completely pre-configured and ready to run, you simply create a user account on the Titan server, then configure your CUCM backup service to back up your data to the cloud. Backup files can be stored on the local VM hard drive or on your cloud file storage accounts.

  • Effortless implementation in Azure, AWS or Google
  • No server and storage hardware to manage
  • Powerful automation for disaster preparedness

Cisco Recommended CUCM Backup 

Cisco Protocols

  • SFTP Server
  • Easily add CUCM devices
  • Fully Automated

Admin Tools

  • Web-based Admin Console
  • Multiple Logging Formats
  • Activity Monitor

Affordable Licensing

  • PAYG cloud licensing
  • Cloud deployment
  • Simple to scale


  • SSH Host Key support
  • Protection from attacks
  • IP Whitelist/Blacklist


  • Over 100 Event Actions
  • Scheduled or by Trigger
  • AV scans, Backups, Reports

File Management

  • Supports Compression
  • Preserve or Convert Case
  • Resume Transfers

Four Reasons Why Cisco Recommends Titan CUCM For Your Business

1. Smooth Integration

Titan CUCM Backup is crafted with integration in mind. Seamlessly embed Titan into your existing Cisco CUCM infrastructure without any hitches. No more hassles with time-consuming workarounds. Simply enjoy a seamless backup management experience.

2. Robust Security Measures

We recognize the significance of shielding your valuable data. Titan CUCM Backup uses the latest encryption standards to assure your transfers are secure. Automation rules are available to thwart hacking attempts, and granular permission settings assure only authorized users can access files. Titan CUCM Backup security features include:

  • Both password and SSH Host Key support for authentication
  • Encrypted passwords
  • Granular user permissions
  • Protection against DoS attacks and Password Guessing
  • IP Whitelisting and Blacklisting
  • Ability to ban or kick users
3. Effortless Automation

Tired of babysitting outdated batch files and unwieldy scripts? Titan CUCM’s event-based automation enables you to easily modernize your file transfer flows. File exchange over SFTP is critical to business processes across every industry. Manage these processes with notifications, conditional transfers and directory monitoring.

Let Titan handle the heavy lifting. Your team can channel their efforts toward tasks of higher strategic importance.

4. Unmatched Reliability

When it comes to your Cisco CUCM backups, the prospect of data loss is non-negotiable. Titan CUCM Backup offers unparalleled reliability, ensuring consistent storage of your backups, always primed for restoration in the event of a disaster.

Cisco CUCM Backup in the Cloud

Titan SFTP Server -CUCM is fully deployed in whatever cloud environment you choose.

Titan CUCM is available in the Azure, AWS and Google marketplaces for both Windows and Linux. Titan cloud offerings provide the security and performance of an on-premises SFTP solution, with the flexibility and lower upfront costs that the cloud provides. And, you can easily add servers to accommodate peak processing requirements while controlling costs.

  • Easy to setup and configure in the cloud.
  • No need to maintain expensive hardware or worry about server repair and replacement costs.
  • Preconfigured to streamline the setup process
  • Configure BLOB Storage seamlessly.

Fees for Titan SFTP Server in the cloud are based on monthly usage, so you only pay for what you use.

Your Cloud Experts are Here to Help

We are here to listen to your needs and help you design, implement and optimize your cloud solutions. Whether it’s AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, we have navigated the ins and outs and are well-versed in making the most of their features for efficient and secure operations. If you have questions or need assistance with any cloud-related file transfer need, feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

Titan SFTP Server – CUCM Backup is pre-configured for cloud deployment in Azure, AWS or Google. Fees for Titan SFTP Server – CUCM Backup in the cloud are based on monthly usage, so you only pay for what you use.

Titan SFTP Server – CUCM Monthly Cost* Annual Cost* Subscribe Link
Windows OS
Azure Marketplace $14.60 ($0.02/hr) $175.20 ($0.02/hr) Subscribe Now
AWS Marketplace $14.60 ($0.02/hr) $175.20 ($0.02/hr) Subscribe Now
Google Marketplace $14.60 ($0.02/hr) $175.20 ($0.02/hr) Subscribe Now
Linux OS
Azure Marketplace $14.60 ($0.02/hr) $175.20 ($0.02/hr) Subscribe Now
AWS Marketplace $14.60 ($0.02/hr) $175.20 ($0.02/hr) Subscribe Now

*Monthly and annual costs shown above are for SRT cloud software only. Final costs will be determined by customer selection based on cloud vendor OS and VM charges. Prices may vary depending on customer configuration.

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