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Give your customers the ultimate flexibility in their Managed File Transfer solution!

Titan MFT is one of the only MFT Solutions in the Azure Marketplace that offers a convenient pay-as-you-go model, saving your customers the significant cost of an upfront license purchase.

Solve Multiple Problems in a Single Solution

File Sharing – As a solution provider, you understand the problems with consumer-based file sharing services. Security issues, privacy, and compliance challenges and data loss are issues that your customers face. Titan offers secure, compliant file sharing that’s easy for end-users.

Automation – Your customers can replace outdated batch files and scripts, enable automated transfers with external partners, send notifications, and launch backups. Setting up automation within Titan MFT is a great opportunity for you to provide value-added services to your customers.

Compliance – Help your customers keep their business-critical data secure with Titan MFT’s multi-layer security, which keeps confidential information safe and compliant with strict regulatory measures for nearly any industry.

Reporting – Create customized reports for your customers that give them insight into the data that is most relevant to their organization. Reports can be easily customized, so your customers will always have seamless access to the data they need.

Value-Added Service Opportunities

There are several services that you can provide for your customers when setting up Titan MFT Server in Azure:

    • Installation of Host Keys
    • Customized Reports
    • Implement Events Automation
      • Auto virus scan on upload
      • Notification on upload
      • Batch send and receive
      • Auto Ban or kick users
    • Customize the look of Web Interface with your customers’ branding

Support For You, Support For Your Customers

Have a question? Working through an issue? As a CSP, you can directly contact our support team and a Tier 2 or Tier 3 support engineer we will be happy to assist. Just email:

Your customers have access to our support portal included with their Cornerstone MFT subscription in Azure. We also offer Business Level Support, which includes phone and streaming.

We offer CSPs a generous revenue share for all business support agreements.

Overview of Support Services

SRT offers different support packages that allow customers to choose their level of access to technical support staff and resources. Learn about the different levels of support available and choose the one that best fits your company’s needs.

Business Standard Support

Business Standard Support is recommended for clients who may require urgent support during business hours, but do not run 24/7 operations. This level of support offers the convenience of telephone and remote streaming.

Business Premium Support

Business Premium Support offers rapid response SLAs, 24X7 support, and interaction by telephone and remote access.

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Titan is the preferred MFT Server for healthcare, government agencies, and financial services worldwide. Titan is the most trusted Azure MFT Solution  by consultants and CSPs.

You can offer your customers a branded version of the Titan MFT Server Web User Interface, providing a custom login message with their corporate colors and logo. Learn more about the Titan MFT Server Web User Interface.


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