A Surprising Trend for Cloud Storage Access

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We have noticed an interesting trend recently that we wanted to share. We’ve seen a drastic increase in purchases of 100-seat WebDrive licenses- primarily to medium-sized companies and large departments. We were unable to explain this uptick in sales, so we asked some of our customers why they made the purchase:

  • WebDrive gives them the ability to access multiple cloud repositories through a single interface easily and without business disruption. No matter what service your employees are using (Google Docs, Office365, etc), they can all collaborate easily and for a reasonable cost
  • There’s a continued growth in OneDrive use by medium to large companies. OneDrive for Business is a great choice for businesses, particularly if you are already a Microsoft shop. The downside is that in order to enable the full collaborative capabilities of OneDrive, you need to subscribe to Office365. For companies with hundreds of desktops, this is expensive and time-consuming. It’s not practical to replace older Office versions that serve the purposes of the workers who use them, just to get collaboration and easy access. WebDrive can provide collaboration through any version of Office.
  • Employees who are using specialized applications and document types, or non-office documents such as Adobe, text, and html can’t take full advantage of collaborative capabilities within cloud services like Google Drive and OneDrive.  Even switching between Microsoft Office and Google Drive can mean a cumbersome conversion of a library of existing documents that are now incompatible with the cloud service. WebDrive is completely application and file-type agnostic – supporting any file type for which you have an associated application.

NO other client allows you to preconfigure settings and push them out to your users. If you have been considering any other file transfer client, you’ll have to configure it on each desktop—one by one.

To address this growing need with a cost-effective solution, we are offering a significant discount for 100-seat licenses of WebDrive.

Until the end of the month, 100-seat licenses are $1,499.95–over 23% off! For smaller departments, purchasing this license for 80 or so users is still cost-effective at just $20 per user.

Download a free trial to test WebDrive in your own environment. Ready to see how WebDrive can help you cut expenses and increase productivity?

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