Cisco Call Manager (CUCM): SFTP Server Backup with Azure Reservation Instance

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Signing up for term life insurance reveals the two sides many of us have: the realist and the pragmatist. The pragmatist struggles with paying a premium for a benefit that will likely not be needed before the term expires. However, the realist knows that this is a must have benefit. Should the worst happen, that policy will serve as an integral piece of any family’s disaster recovery plan. Let’s be completely honest here, backing up your Cisco Unified Communications Manager is much the same.

Speaking to the Realist in You

If your business is using Cisco Call Manager (CUCM), then you know that this data is critical to your business. A crucial component of this is having a solid disaster recovery plan that enables you to restore operations efficiently. To facilitate protecting your call data, Cisco enabled CUCM to write to an SFTP Server for backup.

Titan SFTP Server – CUCM Backup Edition is a Cisco Systems approved backup SFTP server in the Azure cloud, giving you the benefits you need in the event of catastrophe.

  • Benefits of Titan SFTP Server – CUCM Backup Edition in Azure:
  • Automatic backups ensure data safety
  • Secure your data from system malfunctions or attacks
  • Maintain an offsite backup of your CUCM data
  • Access your data from any location
  • Advanced security and protection
  • Easy to configure
  • Predictable cost structure

Speaking to the Pragmatist in You

Just like life insurance, data security gives you confidence in handling uncertainty. That is undeniable. But that confidence comes at a cost. Our goal is to help you establish a predictable cost structure to support you when unpredictable circumstances create disaster for your team.

When you subscribe to Titan SFTP Server – CUCM Backup Edition in Azure, you can buy a “Reserved Instance”. The Reserved Instance allows you to purchase Titan FTP Server – CUCM Backup Edition at a discounted rate AND to lock in that discount for 12 or 36 months. Reserved Instance can save you as much as 50% compared to PAYG pricing.

We would encourage you to visit our Titan FTP Server – CUCM Backup Edition listing in the Azure marketplace to see all the benefits this solution can provide you.

*Titan SFTP Server – CUCM Backup Edition is an approved backup SFTP server for Cisco Unified Communications Manager and is an Azure Marketplace Preferred Solution.

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