Coviant Software and South River Technologies Announce Partnership Agreement

New partnership agreement between Coviant Software and South River Technologies broadens scope of automated MFT offerings

Coviant Software and South River Technologies announced today that they have signed a new partnership agreement. The co-selling agreement extends the breadth of Managed File Transfer (MFT) features available from both vendors.

“Coviant Software offers outstanding process-to-process MFT automation,” says Tracy Welsh, Vice President of Business Development at South River Technologies. “By combining SRT solutions with Coviant Software’s
Diplomat MFT, we can better meet the needs of complex MFT projects that require SRT’s depth in cyber security combined with Coviant’s significant expertise in automation. We are currently partnering on opportunities that require combinations of automated file transfers between remote offices and a central hub, internal transfers, and secure transfers to external trading partners.”

“The new partnership with South River Technologies broadens the scope of our MFT offering,” says Pam Reid, CEO at Coviant Software. “We can now recommend Titan and Cornerstone MFT servers to our customers who
need server-side SFTP software. And, WebDrive simplifies automated file transfers for locations with limited IT support and expertise, like physician practices, labs, small offices, and educational institutions.”

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