As Cyberattacks Increase in Japan, Need for Secure File Transfer is at an All-Time High

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Japanese Distributor AdD Co. Sells 1000th Secure File Transfer License


ANNAPOLIS, MD–(July 20, 2017) –  South River Technologies, Inc. (SRT) today announced that their Japanese partner, AdD Co., Ltd., has sold its 1,000th Secure File Transfer Server license, strengthening their presence in the Asian country.

Based in Kyoto, Japan, AdD Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, and has been an SRT distributor since 2004. AdD Co. Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of the Japanese versions of SRT products.

“We owe our achievement to the SRT support team, who always gives us a favorable response and quick assistance,” says Miki Yamauchi, Managing Director of AdD Co., Ltd. “Japanese customers are particular about small things and ask many questions, so we are fortunate that the SRT support team is so responsive.”

As a result of the alarming amount of data breaches in Japan in the recent past, digital file security has become increasingly important. 12.6 million cases involving the leak of personal information were confirmed or suspected in Japan last year due to cyberattacks against companies and other entities, according to Kyodo News. This marked an increase of six times more than the previous year.

“We believe that SRT products are a good choice for Japanese customers in terms of cost and performance,” says Yamauchi. “We look forward to continuing our strong efforts to sell secure file transfer solutions in Japan.”

All SRT products are available in Japanese, and AdD Co., Ltd. maintains the Japanese translations, allowing for accurate and culturally consistent localized versions of the software.

To learn more about secure file transfer and South River Technologies’ products, please visit the SRT website.

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