How to Backup CUCM Using SFTP

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Cisco Unified Communications Manager is a central piece of IT infrastructure in many organizations, so reliable backups are critical. Cisco recommends Titan SFTP Server, which has been tested and certified by Cisco for this purpose.

So, how do you backup your CUCM Server to Titan using SFTP? Just follow these simple steps:

How to Create and Transfer a CUCM Backup using the Titan SFTP Server

1. Install Titan SFTP Server

To back up on-site, download the 20 day trial. Or launch a fully configured and ready-to-run Titan CUCM backup in the cloud. A cloud implementation gives you the added security of an off-site backup and requires no upfront software purchase.

2. Launch the Titan Admin Console

If launching for the first time, you are prompted to create your login credentials. Create the main admin account and log in to the Titan Admin Console. There is a Default Server instance already configured and running. The Default Server instance contains a sample user with credentials of ‘test’ for the username and ‘test’ for the password. Change these credentials once testing is complete.

3. Log in to the Cisco CUCM Console

Login to the CUCM Console and from the menu in the upper right corner, select ‘Disaster Recovery’, then Backup, and finally Backup Device.

4. Configure CUCM Backup to Titan SFTP Server

Click ‘Add New’ in the Backup Device section and enter a new name for your setup, TitanSftpBackups. Next, enter the details for the Titan server, including the IP address, the Titan username (test/test can be used for testing). For the Path, you can leave it blank and Titan will store the backups in the home directory for the user on the Titan Server. You can also select a new path, such as “/CUCMBackups” and Titan will store the backup data in a sub directory. Finally, select the number of backups you want to keep on the SFTP server.

5. Schedule the Backup

Now CUCM is configured to transfer backup files to the Titan SFTP Server, you can schedule the backup to run. In the CUCM console, go to the Backup Scheduler and ‘Add New’ to generate a new backup schedule. Add the frequency for the backups and select the TitanSftpBackups target. Fill in the remaining settings and “Enable Schedule.”

Did you know?

  • You can run your Titan FTP Server pre-configured for CUCM backup in the cloud. A cost effective Pay as You Go model is just pennies per operational hour. This also gives you the security of an off-site backup.
  • The #1 recommended SFTP Backup Server for CUCM is Titan. We’ve worked together with Cisco to assure that Titan meets the standards to be Cisco Certified for Disaster Recovery.

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