If You Have Multiple Cloud Services, Here’s an Easy Trick You Should Know

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You have your personal files on Google Drive, your work files on SharePoint Online, and some files in your old DropBox account. With so many cloud storage services becoming available, managing multiple locations can eliminate the productivity benefits of the cloud.

An easy solution to this issue is to mount a drive to connect to cloud services. When you map a drive to SharePoint Online or Google Drive, you can access all of your files with a simple interface that is already familiar to you. Open, edit, and save your files as if they were stored locally on your computer. Each service is a unique drive letter on your computer. It’s like having the cloud on your desktop.

Mounting a drive also keeps you from having to continually log into your cloud services, creating a consistent connection without having to reconnect each time you turn your computer on.

To see how easy it is to use WebDrive to map a drive to SharePoint Online and other cloud services, watch this helpful video.

If you’d like to map a drive to SharePoint Online or Google Drive (or many others), download a trial of WebDrive below.

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