South River Technologies’ Azure Offerings Experience Triple Digit Growth

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Popular On-Premises Server Solutions Gain Significant Traction in the Cloud 

[ANNAPOLIS, Maryland, USA—August 23, 2021] South River Technologies, Inc. (SRT), today announced significant growth in adoption of their Microsoft Azure Marketplace offerings. SRT’s popular Cornerstone MFT Server and Titan SFTP Server are currently available as cloud offerings in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, giving customers the benefits of the trusted Azure cloud platform combined with streamlined server deployment and management.

SRT’s Azure offerings have seen 45% growth in the number of subscribers year to date. This follows a 30.4% subscriber growth rate in Q4 of 2020. While subscriber numbers have climbed significantly, increases in the number of usage hours have accelerated even more rapidly, indicating both a growing number of users and increased usage by existing subscribers. Hours of usage have grown by 312% year to date. SRT’s Azure Marketplace offerings are utilized by a strong global customer base in 33 countries.

“SRT is committed to offering our customers the most flexible implementation options available for an MFT Solution,” says SRT CEO Michael Ryan. “Our pay-as-you-go offerings in the Azure Marketplace give customers the ultimate flexibility, which is reflected in the strong growth we’ve experienced year to date.”

Four cloud offerings are available, ranging from an SFTP backup server for CUCM customers to a sophisticated Managed File Transfer solution that is based on Cornerstone MFT, which offers compliance, automation, secure file sharing, and multi-layered security.

About South River Technologies
South River Technologies is an innovator in secure file management software. The Company’s software allows users to access, manage and share files to automate and streamline business processes and improve productivity. SRT’s products enhance customers’ existing applications by instantly enabling secure access within those applications. More than 100,000 customers in 140 countries use SRT’s software to make remote file access and collaboration more efficient for their customers, partners, and distributed workforce.

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