South River Technologies Releases Version 2016 of DMZedge Server

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ANNAPOLIS,  MD–(March 7, 2016) – South River Technologies, Inc. (SRT), an innovator in secure file transfer, today announced the release of version 2016 of its DMZedge Server product which features many significant security improvements. DMZedge Server 2016 provides a high level of perimeter security for SRT’s Cornerstone Managed File Transfer (MFT) Server product by closing inbound ports on the firewall, thereby reducing the risk of network intrusion.

This new version offers features such as support for Unicode formatted logfiles. Syslog server support has also been added, allowing DMZedge to offload logging to any third party syslog server. SHA3 hashing, the most secure hashing available to the public, is also a part of this new release.

These new features keep the product in line with the highest government security standards to assure users stay on the leading edge of cybersecurity. Using strong encryption helps to ensure the security of systems placed in the DMZ and aids in compliance audits.

“Encryption using SHA2 hashing algorithms is the current de facto standard. SHA3 will become the standard in the future,” says Michael Ryan, CEO of SRT. “This standard has just been approved by NSA. By adopting this now, SRT continues to show that the security standards in our products do more than fill a checkbox.”

DMZedge Server version 2016 is available for immediate purchase.

About South River Technologies
South River Technologies, or SRT, is an innovator in secure file management software. The company’s software allows users to access, manage, and share files over the internet in order to automate and streamline business processes and to improve productivity. SRT pioneered the internet drive mapping technology used in WebDrive, which enhances customers’ existing applications. Customers in 135 countries use SRT’s software to make remote file access and collaboration more efficient for their customers, partners, and distributed workforce.

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