South River Technologies Solves File Sharing Security Issues with Cornerstone MFT Server Version 2017

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Popular MFT Server Offers Secure Way to Receive Documents and Files

ANNAPOLIS, MD–(April 11, 2017) – South River Technologies, Inc. (SRT), today announced a solution to the ever-increasing problem of safely receiving electronic files without security risks or privacy violations. With malware attacks on the rise, Cornerstone MFT Server version 2017, a new version of the popular managed file transfer server, addresses some of the serious risks involved with inbound email, legacy FTP, and unsecure consumer file sharing services.

According to an Osterman Research survey, 59% of ransomware infections occur as a result of emails with malicious links and attachments. Users become infected by opening an attachment. Further, in 2016, there were 2.5 billion emails sent containing malware, a 50% increase on the previous year. Consumer file sharing services make it easy to share files, but difficult to request inbound files without requiring special configurations and complex scripting.

Cornerstone MFT’s DropZone enables organizations to securely receive documents and large files from customers and partners, with the option of scanning all files on receipt. Easily customizable forms enable senders to provide additional information about sent content.  Secure transfers, scanning, and automated routing reduce the risks of violating privacy regulations or introducing viruses and malware to the corporate network.

In addition to the security risks, it is challenging to manage and to track email attachments, and this can also be costly to a business. The typical executive wastes 150 hours a year (almost an entire month), searching for lost information. For each employee who makes about $50,000 per year, that loss is equivalent to nearly $4,000 annually.

Further increasing workplace productivity and security, organizations can quickly and securely share “snapshots” of files and documents with colleagues and partners outside of the organization. Users can utilize Cornerstone’s new QuickSend feature to send a read-only copy of a document for quick review.

“In spite of the risks, email continues to be the leading method of sharing files outside of an organization. This is primarily because it’s fast and easy,” said Michael Ryan, CEO of South River Technologies. “Rather than asking a customer or partner to email a file, users can decide what information they need and then send a DropZone link. Customers literally drop the file onto the DropZone, making it easier than sending an email attachment. Cornerstone handles the security issues automatically.”

Cornerstone MFT Servers are installed in government, healthcare, financial services and major corporations worldwide. The 2017 version of Cornerstone MFT Server is available for immediate purchase.

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