SRT’s File Transfer Client Solves Microsoft Office Standardization Issue for Thousands of Users

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WebDrive version 2019 enables any version of Office to work with OneDrive


ANNAPOLIS, Md., Feb. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — South River Technologies, Inc. (SRT) today announced a major update to the popular file transfer client, WebDrive, in response to customers’ rapid adoption of OneDrive for file storage and collaboration.

The latest version of WebDrive, a file access client that enables users to natively access cloud services from their desktop, is the first virtual drive client to make it simple to use any version of Office with OneDrive, transforming enterprise productivity and collaboration.

This product update allows businesses struggling to use different, and in many cases, older, versions of Office to easily access and collaborate on files, regardless of the Office versions they are using, rather than being forced to upgrade to Office365. Cost and complexity of updating all workstations in an organization to Office 365 is prohibitive. The new version of WebDrive preserves an organization’s investment in existing software, while enabling adoption of newer cloud technologies such as OneDrive.

This update is extremely timely, as 83% of enterprises polled are using a version of Microsoft Office in their businesses, according to Spiceworks. Of those, more than half are still using older versions of the software, such as Office 2007, 2003, or 2000.

“Continually increasing adoption of OneDrive has left many organizations struggling to get the full collaborative capability from OneDrive without sacrificing their investment in existing software,” says SRT CEO, Michael Ryan. “WebDrive transparently enables full OneDrive access and functionality to every single desktop in an organization, without upgrading Office or Windows.”

WebDrive supports all major cloud services including Google Drive and Amazon. This release of WebDrive also offers significant performance enhancements for organizations using Amazon for file storage.

Initially released in 1998 by SRT and deployed on millions of desktops in 150 countries, WebDrive is the world’s premier technology for accessing cloud storage services and secure web servers, through the convenience of a desktop drive letter. For more information on WebDrive, visit

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