Threat increases for health care hacks, hospitals respond

Maryland cyber security experts are stepping up to protect hospitals, healthcare offices and agencies as stolen medical records are becoming more valuable in today’s economy.

“The bad guys are no longer just trying to hack into the Pentagon, they are trying to attack your medical records and your credit cards,” Michael Ryan, CEO of Annapolis-based South River Technologies, said. “That information is just as critical.”

As such, hospitals must take the need for secure file transfer seriously, Ryan said. Just a few years ago, major healthcare institutions were still relying on non-secure formats like email for file transfers, he said.

South River partners with hospitals and larger medical facilities from all over the world, as well as financial institutions, to make sure data can be shared securely without relying on email. The company’s primary product, Cornerstone MFT, allows doctors and nurses to collaborate in real time on patient files on a secure server.

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