WebDrive NextGen: Seamless, Convenient File Access

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The next generation of the popular WebDrive File Access Client is here! WebDrive NextGen includes performance enhancements and updates.

What is WebDrive NextGen?

The latest release of WebDrive is available for Windows and Mac, and the Mac version now has all of the functionality of the robust Windows version. WebDrive is the easiest way to access your cloud and remote files in a click, directly from your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. WebDrive is also the perfect solution for those in office settings where users are standardized on both Windows and Mac, as multi-seat licenses can be installed on both platforms.

WebDrive NextGen moves away from year-based version numbers and instead focuses on releasing updates as new build numbers become available. This enables new features and fixes to be quickly delivered to users, rather than rolling them up into a large annual release. With smaller incremental changes, it will be easier to upgrade and stay current on software—giving customers the best experience in using the product and receiving technical support. This also makes any fixes or new features available immediately.

This new approach to releases further solidifies SRT’s reputation of providing excellent technical support and being very responsive to customers.

“Easy to use and great support. We have used the product for YEARS!” ~ Administrator in Information Services

“I can’t say enough about the customer support I received here. After some issues with large file size downloads, the support team was extremely hands on and spent many hours working with me to resolve the issue. Many companies could use to learn from these guys.” ~ Aaron M., CEO

WebDrive NextGen includes:

  • WebDrive for Mac and WebDrive for Windows will now have the same feature set. The Windows client has long been one of the most robust clients available, and now the Mac version will have the same functionality.
  • A brand new, easy-to-use and intuitive interface with settings that are much easier for users to manage.
  • Intuitive change notifications for caching – items are not removed from cache unless a need exists, significantly improving performance.
  • Significantly improved performance for Google Drive, OneDrive, and SharePoint connectors.

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