Why DropBox and Google Drive Users Still Need WebDrive to Help Manage Their PCs

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This article from the Australian Financial Review  explains the importance of a product like WebDrive for managing files stored in the cloud.

“There are a few distinctly cool aspects to the way WebDrive works. First, it’s by far the simplest way to access two Dropbox accounts from one computer. The alternatives are to shell out extra cash for a Dropbox for Business account, or to fiddle around with folder sharing, or to swap between Windows profiles each with their own account, or to use the clumsier browser interface for one account and the installed version for the other. But WebDrive just does it, no fuss.

Even though you can access all your online files and folders through your new drive, WebDrive works very differently from a synchronising tool like Dropbox. For Dropbox files to appear just like they’re on your hard drive, they have to be on your hard drive. The installed Dropbox application downloads local copies of your files so you can work on them, and you need to decide which folders to sync and make sure that there’s enough disk space to download to.

That’s the problem I was asked to solve. A colleague wanted access to a library of terabytes of archived files on his MacBook Air with its 250GB hard drive. Because WebDrive doesn’t insist on downloading every file you might need, it plays nicely with skinny storage disks.

It only affects your drive space when you select and open a file.

Because it supports encrypted file transfers, WebDrive can substitute for a virtual private network (VPN) in many cases. If you’re operating a VPN just to give your staff secure remote file access, WebDrive could be all you really need. With a price tag of $US40 a machine and less for bulk buys, it’s a cost-effective solution with minimal support requirements.”

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To try WebDrive in your own environment, download a free 10-day trial below.

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