Cornerstone Cloud

Cornerstone MFT Server in Azure and AWS

Cornerstone Cloud in Azure

Cornerstone Cloud in Azure provides the security and performance of an on-site MFT solution, with the flexibility and lower upfront costs that the cloud provides. Easily add servers to accommodate peak processing requirements while controlling costs.

Cornerstone Cloud is an Azure Marketplace Preferred Solution.

Easy to Setup and Configure in Azure

Unlike on-site solutions, there’s no need to maintain expensive hardware or worry about server repair and replacement costs. Setup takes minutes and issues that can get in the way of software deployment are eradicated.

  • No wasted setup time: Cornerstone Cloud can be instantly stood up in Azure
  • Configure Azure Blob Storage seamlessly
  • Use Azure AD to pull users into Cornerstone Cloud, just as with on-site AD


Cost Benefits of Cornerstone Cloud in Azure

The purchase price of a new on-site Cornerstone license can significantly impact your capital expenditures.

Cornerstone Cloud offers the exact same functionality as on-site, but expenses are moved from capital expenditures (CapEx) to operating expenditures (OpEx). Moving expenses into operational budgets reduce time and effort spent in procurement and makes budgeting easier to predict and manage.

  • Only pay for what is used: add servers when needed and take offline when not in use
  • Eliminate hardware expenses and the associated facility costs


Purchasing a Reserved Instance in Azure

For longer-term implementations of Cornerstone Cloud in Azure, save money by using an Azure VM Reserved Instance.

Instead of Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG), commit upfront to use Cornerstone Cloud for one year or three years.

  • 25% discount on hourly software cost with one-year commitment
  • 50% discount on hourly software cost with three-year commitment

*Reserved Instance discounts apply only to Cornerstone Cloud, not associated Azure resources.


Cornerstone Cloud in AWS

Cornerstone Cloud in Amazon Web Services allows businesses that standardize in the AWS cloud to easily deploy a secure and scalable MFT solution. Cornerstone Cloud in AWS offers all the same powerful features of Cornerstone MFT on-site in a Pay-As-You-Go model.

Low Upfront Cost and Flexibility in AWS

For businesses already using AWS, Cornerstone Cloud in AWS is the most flexible solution for budgeting. Fees for Cornerstone Cloud in AWS are based on monthly usage, so businesses only pay for what they use.

  • Avoid the upfront investment in enterprise software
  • Eliminate hardware expenses and the associated facility costs
  • Pre-purchase a Reserved Instance to save money (up to 72% compared to On-Demand Instance pricing)


Easy to Configure and Manage in AWS

Don’t waste time managing expensive hardware or worrying about eventual server repair and replacement costs. In AWS, setup is quick and software deployment issues are nonexistent.

  • Easily access S3 storage
  • Integrate with existing authentication systems
  • Easily spin up or turn off additional servers to accommodate peak processing requirements



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