DMZedge is a reverse proxy server that provides perimeter security for your Cornerstone implementation. Enabling you to close ports on your firewall, Cornerstone dynamically opens outbound ports to communicate with DMZedge. User requests are sent by the DMZedge server to Cornerstone as a response on the dynamically opened channel. Working exclusively as a passthrough, no data is ever stored on or outside your firewall.

This option for Cornerstone provides virtual authentication by acting as a proxy for authentication to the backend server, including authentication to existing Active Directory or LDAP server implementations. SHA-3 hashing cyphers, the latest encryption levels approved by NSA, are supported levels of secure communication for all SRT products.

The DMZedge  Advantage

The DMZedge server lives outside your corporate firewall, working as a proxy between users on the internet and your secure network. Incoming client requests and data are forwarded to the back-end server via a safe, established connection between your Cornerstone server and the DMZedge server.

See DMZedge in Action

See how Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC, implemented Cornerstone and DMZedge to reduce the risk of a network breach and protect sensitive patient information.

Read the Case Study