WebDrive maps a network drive letter to your Cornerstone server, giving your users a way to access files that’s consistent with the way they already work. Whether your users are on your network or work remotely, WebDrive provides file access through the familiar interface of Windows Explorer or Mac Finder — and from within every desktop application. This instantly familiar interface reduces training and technical support effort.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Advanced Endpoint Protection

The greatest risk to network security is end-user access. WebDrive lets you control which applications are authorized to modify files on your server, minimizing the risk of malware insertion. It’s a seamless way to reinforce security and simplify user access — all without disrupting the way your users work.

Easy Deployment Options

Easy Deployment Options

WebDrive lets you easily preconfigure settings and push them to your end users. WebDrive can create multiple network drives that map to specific Cornerstone folders. This means your users will be able to access files in as little as three minutes.

“[WebDrive is] very simple to use and deploy. I like the fact that in around 5 clicks and a log in, you’re connected.”

Ray R., Director, Computer and Network Security

Improved performance

Improved Performance

WebDrive’s advanced caching and file streaming make file access nearly instantaneous. You can optimize cache settings to keep frequently used files and folders in cache, or optimize for frequent updates of shared folders.

Instant Integration

Instant Integration

WebDrive enables instant integration of custom applications and scripts with your Cornerstone server. There’s no need for coding or specific protocol commands. Any application that can read/write files on a network drive can securely access files on Cornerstone. WebDrive can extend the life of your legacy applications and ease integration for new application development.

“When a question or need arises, WebDrive service provides a fast, accurate response with an actual live human that provides actual help.”

Greg Saunders, Alternativeto.net

See WebDrive and Cornerstone in Action

Pathways Home Health and Hospice used WebDrive to map a network drive letter to its Cornerstone server, enabling easy file access for local and remote users — while still complying with HIPAA. Read the case study to learn more.

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