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Protecting Data in the Healthcare Industry (PDF)

The healthcare industry is vulnerable to an increasing number of cyberattacks, including ransomware, malware and phishing. To help healthcare professionals defend against those risks, South River Technologies sponsored the development of this white paper.

The Dropbox Problem Defined – It’s Worse Than You Think (PDF)

Using consumer-oriented file sharing services in business settings can be dangerous. This white paper explains why and suggests some safe alternatives.

PCI Compliance with Cornerstone MFT (PDF)

Cornerstone MFT Server helps your company meet PCI standards by providing security of data at rest and in transit, as well as enabling you to restrict access to that data with permissions settings and events management.

UNC Paths for Data Storage and Scalability (PDF)

Cornerstone is the highly scalable MFT solution that can offer virtually unlimited storage by leveraging UNC paths. This white paper illustrates how to accomplish this.



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Cornerstone MFT Product Sheet (PDF)

Learn how Cornerstone MFT closes the security gaps in your current file transfer processes while improving efficiency and visibility.

Cornerstone MFT Technical Specs (PDF)

Get technical details on the security and productivity features of Cornerstone MFT, including supported operating systems and software and hardware requirements.

Cornerstone Cloud Product Sheet (PDF)

Find out how cloud-based Managed File Transfer can improve productivity, address security concerns and automate data exchanges – without a large upfront investment.

Feature Focus: High Availability and Failover (PDF)

Learn more about Cornerstone’s high availability and failover, which ensures uninterrupted access to critical business data and no downtime for you or your customers.



See the impact of Cornerstone, WebDrive and DMZedge implementations in real organizations.

Cornerstone/Azure Implementation (PDF)

Learn how a global software company used Cornerstone MFT and Azure to go virtual without negatively affecting productivity and group cohesion.

Pathways: Event Management and Automation (PDF)

Learn how this organization uses Cornerstone for events management and automation, secure integration and HIPAA-compliant file transfer.

MedBEYOND: HIPAA Compliance (PDF)

See how MedBEYOND uses Cornerstone and WebDrive for HIPAA-compliant secure file storage and sharing capabilities.

SYNLAB: Secure File Transfer (PDF)

See how SYNLAB uses Cornerstone MFT for secure managed file transfer both in-house and for customers.

Children’s National Medical Center (PDF)

Learn how this world-renowned children’s hospital uses Cornerstone for compliant storage and transfers.

LabWare: Remote File Access (PDF)

Discover how this organization uses SRT’s products for document collaboration and remote file access.

Datalogix: Automation (PDF)

Learn more about how this leading marketing information firm uses Cornerstone for high throughput and automation.



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Clustering and High Availability with Cornerstone MFT Server


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