South River Technologies’ Popular Cornerstone MFT and DMZedge Servers Support Latest NSA-Approved Security Standards

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ANNAPOLIS, MD–(Marketwired – June 22, 2016) – South River Technologies, Inc. (SRT), an innovator in secure file transfer, announced today that the 2016 versions of the popular Cornerstone MFT Server and DMZedge Server now include even more advanced security updates.

The latest version of Cornerstone’s SSH/SFTP engine now has upgraded support for SHA2 and SHA3 Hashing (the newest security standard recently adopted by NSA). SRT is the only MFT vendor currently supporting the SHA3/Keccak standard.

In addition, this version now features Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithms for group1-sha256 and group14-sha256, advanced methods of digital encryption that allow for the secure exchange of cryptographic keys over a public channel.

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