Titan FTP Listed as One of “8 Best FTP Server Software for Windows for Secure Transfer”

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From an article by GeekFlare.com

Titan SFTP Server, the most secure SFTP Server available, was recently recognized by GeekFlare.com as one of the “8 Best FTP Server Software Options for Windows for Secure File Transfer.” Titan SFTP Server now includes clustering for high availability and failover and hybrid authentication.

GeekFlare says:

“Titan SFTP Server offers the industry’s most secure file transfers. It is the most comprehensive SFTP server accessible, with powerful security features and top-tier technical support.”

Cisco Systems recommends it as one of the few SFTP Server solutions for backing up their full Unified Communications (UC) Suite.

Titan SFTP Server has a WebUI that allows users to upload and download files quickly without any additional software or plugins. It has simple administrator and configuration settings that allow administrators to oversee and administer at granular levels.

Its management console, which includes real-time monitoring, disc quotas, and other features, may be managed remotely to control server settings, events, and users.


  • Windows and Mac platforms are all supported.
  • Compatibility with several browsers
  • For secure file transfer, HTTPS protocol is used.
  • Multiple files and folders can be transferred with a single drag and drop.

Titan SFTP Server supports FTP, FTPS, and SFTP and is available as an Azure or AWS-based application or as an on-premises license.

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