Titan SFTP Server Selected as Best FTP Server Software for Secure File Transfer

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Based on an article by Serverwatch.com

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the longtime framework for transferring files over the internet. Organizations are all too familiar with FTP server software for securing online traffic and business processes.

At the core of the Internet Protocol (IP) is connecting devices and facilitating the transfer of files to and from remote geographic locations. Because internet communications aren’t inherently secure, SMBs up to enterprise organizations need the additional resources and server power for processes like large B2B file transfers and access management to shared data between remote offices.

Even with the adoption of cloud services that offer similar functionality, FTP servers remain crucial for hosting and controlling file transfers in-house. A growing list of commercial features speaks directly to specific organization needs, calling for an evaluation of the top solutions.

This article presents the top FTP server software solutions and what administrators should consider before deciding.

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