Two Titan FTP Server Options: On-Prem or Cloud SFTP Server

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Your business requires a robust SFTP Server like Titan SFTP Server, but what type of implementation is best suited to your company’s needs? Some value the flexibility and scalability of a cloud-based solution, while others prefer to store their confidential data in-house. Titan SFTP offers two server options: Titan SFTP Server in Azure or Titan SFTP Server on-prem. 

Titan SFTP Server in Azure

Remote work is on the rise, and approximately 34 percent of workers say that they prefer to work in the cloud, according to a survey conducted by Remote file access is easy with a cloud infrastructure. A cloud implementation also keeps your server admins from having to spend unnecessary time maintaining a physical server room. Working from home is becoming more prevalent, as is reducing the size and expense—both timewise and monetarily—of physical office presence. The recent shift to an increasing remote workforce offers opportunities for cost savings by eliminating or reducing the footprint of a server room by moving servers to the cloud

A cloud SFTP Server is also a great solution for those who are ready to replace their existing hardware and are not interested in the capital expenditure of procuring new hardware and dealing with time-consuming setup and ongoing server maintenance.

Benefits of an Azure SFTP Server include: 

  • Reduced IT costs and overhead. Moving to the cloud can reduce the cost of managing and maintaining on-premises hardware.
  • Scalability-easily increase storage as needed.
  • Business continuity-There is no need to worry about hardware failures because data is stored safely in the cloud.
  • Efficiency-Remote (and on-prem) employees will have easy access to your cloud server and won’t have to deal with clunky VPNs that can be slow and difficult to set up.
  • Access to automatic updates-IT admins don’t need to spend time performing operating system and server software updates because they are handled automatically in the cloud.

Titan SFTP Server On-Prem

Keeping your SFTP Server on-prem offers myriad benefits. If you currently own newer hardware and you prefer having your files stored locally, Titan is a cost-effective solution that lets you leverage your existing infrastructure investment. 

Benefits of an On-Premise SFTP Server include: 

  • Single upfront payment-only software maintenance and support costs will recur on an annual basis.
  • Store files in-house
  • On premises Titan FTP Server licenses can be migrated to the cloud if your business needs change.
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure investments 

Titan SFTP in Azure and on-prem each offer easy implementation, secure transfers, and ease of use for end users and administrators. Run your SFTP solution the way that works best for you, whether it’s in the cloud or on-premises.

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